What do I do if I want to use the courts for a private match?

There is a booking diary in the clubhouse which shows when the courts have been booked for league home matches or social and improvers' sessions. It's advised to book your court as that will ensure you have priority of members who just turn up on the off chance.

How do I get a court key?

Clubhouse and court keys are obtained from the club treasurer for a deposit of £3. There is always a court key in the clubhouse so theoretically you only need a clubhouse key. Juniors are not allowed in the clubhouse when adults are not present but they can have a court key.

Do I have to buy my own tennis balls?

Once-used home league match balls are provided for members use at social tennis sessions. You will need to have your own tennis balls for private use although there are usually a few balls knocking around the clubhouse! The tennis balls used in home matchs are paid for through match fees.

How do I get more involved in the club?

If you want to be more inolved don't hesitate to let someone on the committee know! Organisers are always needed for the tournaments and there are many ongoing jobs in the clubhouse and grounds. New ideas for events or the running of the club are always welcome. Every year new committee members are sought as well.

Who is on the Committee?

The committee and club year starts on 1st April each year Committee members for 2016/17 are:

Dave Farr (Chair)

Lee Goddard (Treasurer)

Linda Kent (Match Secretary)

Sarah Farr (Secretary)

Andy Mcnally (Men's Captain)

Trudi Wolfe (Ladies Captain) 

Jessica Lamport (Head Coach)

Andy Wolfe (Committee Member)

Patrick Hollwey (Committee Member)

To avoid spam and maintain email privacy, committee members are contactable through the club secreatary in 'contact us'.

How do I become part of a team?

There are 7 adult teams and a variable number of junior teams. If you want to join one or be on the reserve list, you will need to contact the match secretary or either the Ladies or Men's captains.

How is the club financed?

The club is a not-for-profit club and so self funded through subscriptions and fundraising. There is a five year rolling plan which ensures that money is saved for large maintenance projects such as court painting and re-surfacing. Grants have been successfully received from SITA, Rushmoor Borough Council, Sport England, Hampshire Playing Fields, Johnsons Wax eg for our third court, toilet facilities, clubhouse and more recently our floodlights.